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Fit Mummy Project App

Fit Mummy Project App
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We are so excited to introduce Kimmy Smith from the Fit Mummy Project, revolutionising assessable exercises for mums!

The Fit Mummy Project App contains over 35 postnatal fitness, strength, yoga and meditation videos designed to help Mums to return to exercise in a positive and safe way.  It will make exercise accessible and affordable for all Mums. Each workout is 15-20 minutes and can be done anywhere with little or no equipment.  The App is available through the App store from 27 June 2017 or through my website. To celebrate the launch of the Fit Mummy Project App - the App will be available for Half Price - just $4.49 as a once off payment - no subscriptions here! 


The Key Benefits of the Fit Mummy Project App are 

  • Over 35 short + effective post natal workout videos streamed straight to your device.
  • Workout at home with little or no equipment required.
  • Repair your core and strengthen your pelvic floor with Early Post Natal Workouts.
  • Build a strong + lean body with the Fit Mummy Strong, Fit and Barre workouts.
  • Create a calm and happy lifestyle with Yoga and Meditations just for busy Mums.
  • Suitable for Mums from 6 weeks to 4 years postnatal. 
  • Stay motivated and inspired with a huge variety of workout styles and formats.
  • Support and guidance from post natal fitness specialist Kimmy Smith.


Why I created the Fit Mummy Project App 

I created the Fit Mummy Project App because I to share workouts that were designed just for Mums. My body has changed so much since becoming a Mum, that I needed workouts that were safe for my postnatal body. I also wanted workouts that made me feel energised, not exhausted and which I could do in just 10-15 minutes! Because that’s all I have most days! 

I created the App because I thought that it was the best way to make it easy and affordable for Mums to do high quality workouts from home. I am a personal trainer and Yoga teacher and I love to exercise. But even I find it hard to fit exercise into my day. I was looking at online workouts, and most of what I found was designed for women pre-baby and just wasn’t suited to my body. I wanted to create short workouts that focus on helping Mums to feel energised and strong and return to fitness in a really positive and safe way! 

I also wanted to create an App that included all the ways I like to move my body. So I have included yoga and Barre workouts as well as guided meditations. My plan is to keep adding to the workout styles with more pilates style workouts, running workouts and more Mum and Baby workouts! 


Fit Mummy Project Launch Competition!   To celebrate the launch I will be giving away over $1,000 worth of prizes including a 

  • Claudine + Ash Nappy Bag valued at $500.
  • Baby Björn Baby Carrier One Air. Valued at $249.
  • Project Nursery Mum + Baby Smart Band. Valued at $249.95
  • Hello Monday Active Gift Pack valued at $160
  • Krew Active Gift Voucher valued at $89.

 Kimmy Smith - @kimmysmithfit


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