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Raising Boys

Raising Boys
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As a mum of 4 under 5 I have experienced many pros and cons of raising children in a very short period of time.

I do however have 2 boys and 2 girls and have been surprised by the differences between my sons and daughters. Here is my advice/tips on raising the little men in your life;

  1. They will climb, jump, wrestle, play with sticks, use anything as a weapon and virtually engage in any activity that appears dangerous. Be ok with this. The more you say no, the higher they will climb. My advice is to let them explore and create boundaries for themselves. They may just surprise you.
  2. They will always be naked. Always. This is particularly true with my 2nd son. I have literally turned around in the playground and found him naked surrounded by little girls pointing at his bits. (Not a highlight to my parenting). However he does NOT care. At all. He appears to be slowly growing out of this. This is another thing I have embraced at home at least. I mean who doesn’t wish they could be that comfortable with themselves?
  3. However because of #2 I found toileting training boys easy. You can always see when they need to go and they can go anywhere. They will also love going literally anywhere.
  4. Boys love their willies. I thought this was fallacy. Turns out it is indeed very truthful. It starts as soon as they discover they can use their hands. I now am not even shocked when I have to say to my boys to stop touching themselves. However discussing boy issues around this item us females don’t possess still makes me uncomfortable. I’m dreading the teen conversations. I think I may leave this one to their father…
  5. Boys love getting wet and dirty. In fact they will do anything possible to create mud and play in it. I actually love this and greatly encourage it. All I can say is whoever invented nappysan deserves a very comfortable retirement.
  6. Their haircuts will cost you a fortune. It was a cost I never actually thought of. However having 2 boys and a husband who requires regular haircuts for work ends up being around $100 every 6 weeks. Safe to say I don’t feel bad buying those shoes now.
  7. They will be your biggest cuddlers. I have found the biggest difference between my sons and daughters is that the boys will seek me out for comfort over their father whereas the girls seek their dad over me (hurts my feelings writing that but its true). The old saying “mummys boy” seems to ring true in my house.
  8. I am not a big believer in stereotypes but my sons cannot get enough of cars, trucks, trains, lego and super heroes. Just buy massive containers to store them and save your feet. That’s my only advice with that one. Also I’ve given up the fight over batman jocks. If their favourite pair is in the wash they would rather free ball it. Which actually happens more times than not.

The one thing I have noticed as the biggest difference between my boys and girls is the pressure that I feel in raising good men, fathers, husbands and partners. This is the one point that I feel the most confused on but fingers crossed that I have nailed at least 53% right then everything else will fall into place. If I don’t I apologise to any future daughter in laws out there. I promise I will make you some delicious dinners and babysit the grandkids…


Tanya parker @fourlittlecreatures





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  • Cati: July 14, 2017

    what a great post! I’m going to be a mum to a third boy, thanks so much for the advice I can now breathe and stop being a control freak and let go a bit. We put so much pressure on ourselves to be great mums, and don’t realise we are doing a great job.
    thanks again xx

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