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The Cutest Swimwear for Swimming Lessons

Did you know that swimming is one of the most popular sports for children aged 5 to 14 in Australia? You've signed your child up for swimming lessons and their first session is coming up. These are such exciting times ahead!

Now is a great time to invest in kids' swimwear that is practical, durable, and something that your child will happily wear. But what makes swimwear perfectly suited for learning to swim?

If you've been wondering what to dress your child in for swimming lessons, read on as we take a look at some factors to keep in mind.  

Swimming Lesson Booked, Time to Go Swimsuit Shopping

One of the most important aspects of swimwear for swimming lessons is comfort. Dressing your child in something that fits well and is made from soft fabric leaves your child free to focus on their swimming lesson.

Comfort covers two important angles that add to the appeal of quality swimwear. Pay close attention to the following when choosing swimwear for learning to swim: 

Flawless Fit

Buying swimwear that fits your child well means finding the sweet spot of not too big or too small. The best way of finding a good fit is to measure your child and make use of our sizing chart to find the right size for them.

Buying a few sizes up for room to grow may hinder their swimming progress and get in the way as they move in the water. Baggy swimwear gathers water which makes moving through the pool harder for the child. Stopping to adjust wet, floppy swimwear may use up a good bit of lesson time, too. 

Sending your child to lessons in swimwear that's too tight can also affect how much they learn during each swimming class. Swimwear that is too small is very uncomfortable.  Here are some ways to check if the fit is right for your child:

  • Slide your fingers under the shoulders and leg elastic and see if there is room to wriggle. If you aren't able to, the swimwear is likely too small.
  • For boardshorts, tie the shorts around your child’s waist and give the shorts a few sharp tugs.

Finding cosy swimwear that fits well is the first step to happy swimming lessons. 

The Fun Factor

For lessons, it is better to have swimwear with a simple design, with no extra fussy bits such as decorative ties, buttons, or an excessive number of spaghetti straps. While the construction of each item of swimwear should be no-fuss, the fun factor can be ramped up through the use of ultra-cute fabric design.

For cool swimwear that is fun for kids to wear, look for fabric designs that pack a whole lot of adventure into one garment, such as our Navy Cockatoo Unisex Long Sleeve Zip Swimmers

High Quality, Unique Designs

As a parent, you want to know that you're getting the best quality when buying clothing for your children. When it comes to swimwear, how do you know that the items you're buying for your child are the quality you're looking for?

Quality in swimwear is largely dependent on three things:

Superb Fabric

The type of fabric used in swimwear items makes all the difference. Top-quality swimwear for kids uses fabric that has four-way stretch for maximum comfort as well as colours that won't fade or run. Opt for a fabric that is chlorine resistant, with a built-in sun protection factor (SPF) UV rating of 50+ to block out the harsh rays of the sun. 

Unique Design

Quality for kids also means making them happy. With a range of bright colours and hand printed furry, fuzzy, and flying friends, our designs make kids smile. Combining practical styles with delightful prints is a perfect combination for sunny days packed with outdoor fun.

Excellent Construction

Kids are constantly on the go and we've built our swimwear to keep up. Each item is lovingly stitched with seams that are both strong and soft. Active bodies need clothing that can handle all the bending, stretching, running, jumping, and diving that a child can pack into a day. 

Boardies, Rashies, and Long Sleeve Swimmers

Cheeky Chickadee swimwear includes a range of alternative swimwear designs for those who are more conservative or simply more sun-shy. Stylish and easy to wear, your swimmer can choose boardshorts, such as our adorable Blue Turtle Kids' Boardshorts and a fitted rash top.

Long sleeve swimmers are a fun blend of full-body swimwear with a high neck and zip opening down the front. They feature long sleeves that offer great sun protection and a high, collared, neckline.

The rash tops simply pull on over the head and don't need a zip opening. Designed with a comfortable raglan sleeve that allows for free movement of the arm, rash tops are consistently popular, such as our Blue Turtle Rash Top.

Easy to Spot Your Kid From the Stands

Even if you're settled in on the stands, be sure you don't miss a moment of watching your child play in the water.

How? By dressing them in one of the colourful designs from Cheeky Chickadee Store! Made with bright, eye-catching fabric, you'll quickly pick them out in a crowd.

Pick your favourite cheerful swimwear, such as the Leopard Print Long Sleeve Girls Zip Swimmers, and you'll have no problem spotting your child from a distance, whether they are in the water, or playing on the sidelines next to the pool.  

Designs for Every Style Preference

When buying swimwear for kids, it's a good idea to get your child involved in the process. 

Allow them to try on different styles and see which they feel the happiest wearing. Ideally, their swimwear should be so comfortable that they forget that they're wearing it. If you notice your child fiddling with the straps, or pulling on the waistband, it may not be the ideal style or size for them. 

Some children get on just fine with thin straps, while others find thin straps cut into their shoulders and need something wider. Whatever style they choose, is it vital that your child feels completely comfortable and happy in their outfit. If not, they might feel like swimming isn't for them.

Ideal Swimwear Fabric

The ideal fabric for kid's swimwear has more to it than just cute designs. For a kid who is in and out of the pool as many times as you'll let them in a day, a fabric that is lightweight and dries quickly is ideal.

Choosing an outfit made from breathable fabric prevents moisture from getting trapped next to the skin, which can irritate their skin. Cheeky Chickadees swimwear is designed to allow water to escape and aid the drying process.

Caring For Swimwear 

Good quality swimwear has a long life built-in because of the superior fabric and craftsmanship that goes into making it. Yet even top-grade swimwear can deteriorate more quickly if not cared for properly after each lesson.

Here are some easy tips for looking after your child's swimwear to keep it super-soft and comfortable to wear:

Keep It Clean

Rinse out used items in cold, non chlorinated water after each swim. Avoid putting swimwear through the wash as the washing detergents may be harsh on the soft fabric and cause it to degenerate.

Avoid rinsing with hot water as well. Hot water may also cause the fibers to break down and shorten the life of your swimwear. Avoid putting swimwear through the dryer as exposure to that level of heat can cause the elastic to grow brittle.

Dry your child's swimwear by squeezing out all the excess water. Avoid wringing it out, but squeeze it instead. If you want, you can wrap it in a towel to soak up water. 

Savvy Swimwear Storage

Rinse and hang up wet swimwear as soon as possible after a swimming session. Hanging swimwear up outside keeps the fabric fresh. 

Normally, swimwear would have to be hung up to dry out of the direct sunlight to prevent colour loss, but all our fabrics are treated to preserve their vibrant colours even in full sun. Once dry, store swimwear in a drawer or closet.

Kids' Swimwear That Takes Home the Trophy

Whether your child is a brand new swimmer or they're already comfortable in the water, the kids' swimwear range from Cheeky Chickadee is ideal for swimming lessons. Our swimwear has it all, from fabric that is super-stretchy, sun protecting, and colourfast, to the cut and design of the garments, all finished off with delightful characters that kids can't get enough of. 

Before that special first lesson, browse our collection of favourites to find the set of quality swimwear that appeals to you and delights your child. Here's to many happy hours in the water!

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