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Baby Swimwear!


Cheeky Chickadee Baby Swimwear

Crafted with the utmost of care & consideration, our Cheeky Chickadee Baby Swimwear collection features an array of highlights designed to keep your baby safe, stylish, and comfortable. Each piece boasts limited edition, hand-painted prints, adding a touch of uniqueness to your baby's beach ensemble.

Loved by thousands of Aussie parents, our baby swimwear is soft to the touch, breathable, chlorine resistant, and has a four-way stretch to make it comfy. Plus, it’s UPF50+ and made from sun-safe material, so once paired with sunscreen and one of our matching Beach Hats, you can have peace of mind knowing that your baby is protected from the sun.

Shop for your own baby or for others - our Cheeky Chickadee baby swimwear always make a great gift!

Play-Ready Fabric!

Whether you're splashing around in a swimming pool or embarking on a beach-side expedition our new Play-Ready fabric is here to save the day!

Like magic, our fabric bounces back in a flash, ready for the next watery escapade, so your swimwear stays fresh and snug. No more sagging surprises, even after countless stretches and encounters with chlorine, sweat, sunscreen, lotions, and sudsy detergents.

Sun Safe & Quick Drying!

Our UPF 50+ Ray blocking fabric ensures optimal sun protection, shielding delicate skin from harmful UV rays. Not only that, but our quick-drying material allows for fuss-free playtime in and out of the water, making it a breeze to keep your little swimmer feeling fresh.

Stylish & Practical Design!

The high neckline and long sleeves provide additional coverage, safeguarding delicate areas that are prone to sunburn. With an emphasis on practicality, these swimsuits feature an extra durable and long zipper, making dressing and undressing a breeze, even when wriggly babies are involved. And thanks to the comfortable fit, your little one can move freely and play to their heart's content without any restrictions.

Cheeky Chickadee Baby Swimwear provides the perfect blend of sun protection, durability, & adorable style with matching options for siblings & parents! Let your little ones run wild knowing our Cheeky Chickadee Baby Swimwear is always up for the challenge!