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Why Matching Swimwear is the Perfect Gift This Christmas

Did you know that a quarter of Australians don't enjoy buying Christmas presents?

From the stress of the Christmas rush when shopping in-store to not knowing what to buy for that fussy person in your life, there are plenty of reasons why festive shopping can get you down. But it doesn't have to!

Buying gifts for people you love can be fun, as long as you know the right places to look and the perfect presents to place under the Christmas tree. Luckily this year, our team are here to help you out.

Find out why matching swimwear could be the answer to all your Christmas shopping problems in this guide!

What Is Matching Swimwear?

At Cheeky Chickadee, we love matching swimwear. But what does that actually mean?

Matching swimsuits usually refers to family swimwear, in particular, mums, dads, and their little ones. Just as you might find a matching jumper for mothers and daughters, you can find lots of matching swimwear!

So, why is this the ideal gift for the parents you know?

Create Unforgettable Memories and Moments

Children don't stay small for long, and any parent will tell you that childhood flashes by in an instant. Before they know it, their toddlers are teenagers and planning to move out to start their own lives! That's why parents want to savour the joys of having small kids, and matching swimwear for families is a brilliant way to help them do just that.

A day at the beach in matching swimwear provides some super cute photo opportunities for mums, dads, and their children. Building sandcastles and taking their first dip in the big blue sea is made even more adorable by the same swimwear! It makes heading to the beach that bit more special, and your present will create memories that the family can treasure forever.

Designs For Mums, Dads, and Kids

We have a range of different styles in different sizes that the whole family will love at Cheeky Chickadee. From a swimsuit for mums and daughters to styles that can be bought for the whole family, it makes giving presents a lot easier! Simply choose the design you think they'd love and pick out the right size for each family member, and you're good to go.

How to Choose the Perfect Style

Picking matching family swimwear is simple and makes a super easy gift to give that you know your loved ones will adore. But there are still a few pointers to make sure you get it right! Here are our top tips:

  • Choose colours based on what you know the family already wear
  • Remember that the style has to be liked by both the kids and adults
  • If you've never seen the parents dress their little one in a bikini or tankini, stick to children's swimsuits instead

Quality Swimwear For the Whole Family

We don't just stock matching swimwear for couples, or for mums and daughters or dads and sons. We stock swimwear for the family! Our range is all made to the highest standard of quality too, which isn't always common in the swimwear industry.

In fact, it can be super difficult to find swimming costumes and beach shorts that are made well. A lot of them can tear easily, not fit right, or (horror of horrors!) turn out to be a little more see-through than you'd like. As a family, it takes time to find swimming costumes for everyone that are well made, don't cost an arm and a leg, and that your partner and children like.

By giving matching swimwear this Christmas, you make that task easy! Our matching sets are made from high-quality materials that are designed for plenty of wear and tear. From running on sandy beaches to swimming in the ocean, they can withstand it all with ease.

The swimsuits tick every box on a parent's checklist, providing the whole family with swimwear they'll love. You're not only giving them unforgettable memories, but you're also taking one to-do off of their list - and a parent will always thank you for that.

Be Proud to Stand Out

Our swimwear isn't designed to blend in; it's made to stand out! If you know a family who's bright, bold, and bubbly, they'll love the statement matching swimwear makes. It's a great way to show the world exactly who your family are and that you all think outside the box.

For the family who's proud to be bold, matching swimwear is a must!

The Perfect Gift Idea

Swimwear doesn't have to be something boring, and our matching sets ensure our pieces aren't! In fact, we've made it so that our swimwear make the perfect gifts this Christmas. With limited edition designs that are fun and bright, they're guaranteed to put a smile on your loved ones' faces.

They're also entirely one of a kind. You won't find these designs anywhere other than in our store, and it's unlikely they'll receive two of the same under their tree this year - unless they're part of a matching set, of course!

You'll also receive a matching bag alongside your swimwear that finishes the present off perfectly. It adds a touch of something a little more special so that you can give a gift you're proud of this year.

Start Shopping For Matching Swimwear

If you're sold on the idea that matching swimwear is the ideal gift for a family that's brilliant! You've just sorted out presents for mum, dad, and the kids, making your festive season that little bit simpler.

Start shopping our full range today and find the perfect designs for the fun family you know!

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