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Why Swimming Lessons Are Important

Did you know that 51 per cent of parents are not confident that their child could help themself in a water emergency? With the pandemic, the number of children attending swim lessons declined, and even though restrictions have been eased, the numbers are still not bouncing back to where they were pre-pandemic. 

It begs the question, are swimming lessons important? The answer to that question is a resounding, YES. 

Keep reading to find out why learning how to swim is important and how to keep your child safe. 

Why Are Swimming Lessons Important? 

The number one reason swimming lessons are important is safety. During swimming lessons, your child will learn the skills they need to remain safe when they're near water or in water. 

For example, your child will get taught how to tread water or roll on their back to stay safe when swimming. Another important lesson they learn is how to get out of the pool by themselves. 

While knowing your child has learned safety skills doesn't remove your responsibility to be vigilant, it can give you some peace of mind. 

The Importance and Benefits of Swimming

What makes swimming important? And why are swimming skills important? There are benefits of learning to swim that extend beyond safety for your children. 

Physical Activity

Kids spend so much time in front of screens, playing games, learning on computers, and more. If you've fought a battle trying to get your child to stop staring at a screen and go outside, you're not alone. 

Swimming gives your child the ability to engage in a physical activity that is fun. 

Improve Sleep

Do you have a difficult time getting your kids to sleep? Swimming is great exercise that can help your child sleep better. 

Improve Concentration

Swimming is an excellent activity for children who need help to improve their concentration. 

When you're swimming, you need to coordinate your arm pulls, leg kicks, and breath control. You can't focus on other things and be successful when trying to swim. 

As your child is able to learn to concentrate better when swimming, it's likely you will see that skill improving in other areas of life as well. 

Build Confidence

Another reason why swimming is so important is that it can help your child build confidence. As your child takes lessons and begins to swim, they might be a little anxious.

Those first kicks away from the wall can be frightening. But, as they begin to learn to swim and see themselves succeeding, they will begin to build confidence. 

Essential Life Skill

Is swimming important for everyone? Yes! It's an essential life skill. 

Imagine this, you grow up, and you never learn to swim. You get invited to pool parties or boat parties, but you choose to skip because you're embarrassed that you've never learned to swim. 

In Australia, we're surrounded by water, and as you engage in the community, there will be many opportunities to surf, go boating, swim, wakeboarding, and more. Don't limit your child's opportunities by not giving them the essential skills they need to interact with their peers. 

How Do You Prepare Your Child for Swimming Lessons? 

When your child's first swimming lesson arrives, how do you make sure they're ready? Sometimes new experiences can be scary for kids, and you as the parent.

The following tips can help you prepare your child, and make swimming fun for them. 

Give Your Child the Right Cues

Kids take their cues from you. If your child is worried, likely, you are too. 

Take the time to talk to the school about any concerns. Then get excited as you explain to your child what will happen at swim lessons. This will help them to be excited, and they should be; swimming is fun. 

You can also look for swimming lesson resources that help you know how to help a child who might be afraid of water. 

Start in the Bathtub

One of the scariest parts of swimming for many children is submerging your head in the water. You can have your child wear their swimwear in the tub and practice moving in the water and submerging their head. 

You can also have them practice blowing bubbles in the bathtub. Make this time fun, and make sure to supervise it to ensure safety. If putting their face is particularly frightening for your child, you can start by pouring cups of water over their head. 

Get Your Child New Swimwear

Grab a new swimming outfit for your child. If your child is excited about the opportunity to wear their new swimming suit and that gets associated with swimming lessons, it will help to excite them for swimming lessons. 

Quality swimwear is also important to help your child be comfortable in their swimsuit. If they don't enjoy wearing their swimwear, it will make the experience less enjoyable. 

If your little one's lessons will be outdoors, it is crucial to pick the right swimwear to protect them from the sun. This might mean finding zip swimmers with high necks and long sleeves. Zip swimmers also make the process of getting them in and out of their swimwear easier. 

Why Is it Important to Be Able to Swim?

Are swimming lessons important? YES! Give your child the valuable life skills they need and keep them safe by enrolling them in swim lessons. 

Are you and your little one ready to hit the pool? Shop with us today to find quality swimwear that you and your child will love. 

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